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Yoga Treatment

Yoga is a vast branch of spiritual, mental and physical practices of life which originated in ancient India. The immense branch of yoga was flourished in the pre Vedic Indian tradition, mentioned in Indian tradition. The ultimate goal of Yoga is nirvana (liberation), although the precise definition of what form this takes depends on the philosophical or theological system with which it is conjugated.
Yoga uses asanas, focused concentration on precise body parts, and pranayama breathing techniques to combine the body with mind and mind with soul. There are thousands of yoga poses, and in Sanskrit, these poses are known as kriyas (actions), mudras (seals), and bandhas (locks). A kriya focuses on the effort essential to move energy up and down the spine; yoga mudra is a gesture or progress to hold energy or concentrate awareness; and a bandhas uses the method of holding muscular contractions to focus awareness.

Sarwanga Abyangam
Sarwanga Abyangam With

The Ayurvedic oil massage is help to increase circulation, especially to nerve endings. Toning of the muscles, soothing for the nerves, Lubrication of the joints, increased mental alertness, improved elimination of impurities from the stiff, softer, smoother skin, improved deeper sleep at night.

Rs:1500 (60 Mnts)
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Pada Abyangam with Shiro Abhyangam
Pada Abyangam With
Shiro Abhyangam

Foot massage enhances lubrication and circulation and help draw toxins to the surface of release. A soothing massage with medicated warm oil over head, neck and shoulders for a stipulated time. This therapy brings sound sleep, soothing and relaxing coolant to the eyes, relives insomnia, head ache.

Rs:900 (30 Mnts)
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Shiro Abyangam With Mukha Abhyangam
Shiro Abyangam With
Mukha Abhyangam

Face massage help to reduce stress, increase blood circulation and also help to cure sinusitis and headaches. Head massage help to reduce stress. Make you feel relaxed and calm your mind. Help to revitalize the brain and body.

Rs:900 (45 Mnts)
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