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Shiro Abhyangam with Mukha Abhyangam

Face massage helps in controlling and curing headaches, sinusitis, reducing stress and improving blood circulation while a head massage calms the mind, making you feel relaxed and stress-free. The technique of head massage concentrates on "marmas" or energy points of the head, neck and shoulders. A range of different massage pressures and rhythms are used to stimulate the senses, increase blood circulation, encourage healing, and leave the body and mind completely rejuvenated. The massage includes the head, neck, shoulders and arms.The 'marma' points when gently massaged using an Ayurvedic facial technique involving aromatic oils and herbs, the flow of energy increases. The facial rejuvenation treatment relaxes and restores areas around the forehead, eyes, nose and mouth and uplifts the facial muscles, eases neck and shoulder tension. Regular and continuous treatments remove sagging features, fine lines, tired muscles, poor blood circulation and skin problems. The treatment ends with a deep penetrating herbal mask. The end result is a revitalized glowing skin!