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Sarvanga Dhara

Sarvanga Dhara is an Ayurvedic treatment method that is performed by stream pouring or sprinkling medicated liquid all over the body. The medicated liquid is mildly heated and is poured on the body at a constant temperature and rate of flow until the body starts sweating and the person experiences a light refreshing feel. The main aim of the Sarvanga Dhara treatment is to rejuvenate the body, strengthen the muscle tissue, improving joint flexibility and blood circulation, soothing the nerves and to maintain a balance in the body for proper health. This soothing therapy helps the entire body to relax while toning, strengthening and rejuvenating it. The treatment involves the flow of herbal oils, medicated milk or butter in a continuous stream for 30 minutes and at times it might last up to an hour. The treatment is extremely good for inducing a great night's sleep in an individual as it helps in relaxing the muscles that in turn reduces stress and strain.Sarvanga Dhara is usually continued for 7 to 21 days for facilitating the improved blood circulation and soothing of the nerves.