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Sarvanga Abhyangam with Swedham

The Ayurvedic oil massage is help to increase circulation, especially to nerve endings. Toning of the muscles, Calming for the nerves, Lubrication of the joints, increased mental alertness, improved elimination of impurities from the body, softer, smoother skin, better, deeper sleep at night. Swedham is a treatment procedure in which sweat is induced by application of heat and warmth in the form of steam or by bringing the body or body parts in contact with heated medicaments like powders, leaves, processed rice, sand etc tied in boluses. Swedham provides relief from stiffness and catches, heaviness and coldness in the body or body parts. Swedham is said to be the best form of treatment in expelling morbid Vata and Kapha and also destroying the diseases manifested due to morbid Vata and Kapha. Swedham is usually done after Abhyangam (administration of medicated oils and ghee for oral consumption in metered doses, as a pre-treatment procedure for cleansing treatments like Vamana – Therapeutic vomiting and Virechana – Therapeutic purgation). After Swedham, the body starts sweating, we feel lighter and energetic, and the cells get activated and flush the toxins away. The cellular metabolism improves and we feel light and at ease.