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Deep Tissue massage

Being similar to Swedish Therapy, the deep tissue massage helps in releasing the chronic tension in the muscles. The treatment mainly focuses on the deepest layers of the tissues of muscles, tendons and the protective cover around the muscles. joints and bones which is called the fascia. In order to reach and connect with deeper layers of fascia and muscles, your ayurvedic therapist will be using deep slow strokes. The Deep tissue massage therapy is used to cure pain, chronic aches and other issues like sore shoulders, tightness of the leg muscles, stiffness at the neck and upper back. The massage is used to break down scar tissues and muscle knots (rigid tissues) responsible for hindering circulation causing pain, inflammation and affecting the range of motion. Special techniques are applied only after applying a lighter pressure to warm up the muscles. The specialized techniques used include applying pressure across the grain of a muscle to reorient the tissue fibres and release tension which is coined as friction along with stripping which is the application of deep pressure along the length of the muscle fibres.